It’s that time of year again!! Time for our annual PERFECT PICTURE WORKSHOP!! This year is my 11th class and I’m super excited! I’ve got so many fun things I want to share with you!! Did you get a new camera for Christmas and don’t know how to use it? Do you have a camera and want to improve your skills? Do you want to get out of the auto mode? Do you want to learn how to get that PERFECT PICTURE? Then this class is for you! We go over all the parts needed to get that perfect exposure, how to pose your subjects to look their best, how to organize your photos, what and where to print your photos, how to edit in photoshop, have a yummy lunch, goodie bag and more! It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!! Class will be SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 2019 at 10AM-3PM. Class fee is $100, register with a friend and you both save $10! Everything is more fun with a friend!! Space is limited so register as soon as possible! Click on the link below to register! Can’t wait!!

workshop 2019

Workshop Fee for You and a Friend


Workshop Registration Fee for One


Are you undecided? This review and photo below from Katie Tidwell who attended the workshop and who now has her own photography business might be helpful for you! Katie is taking some fantastic pictures!!!

Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your class! Just walking into it I felt comfortable! You have the cutest set up and handouts that I still turn back too. Note pads for note taking, lunch, you thought of it all! You did a great job of breaking down how to use my camera for Nikon and Canon users, then provided us with super cute models we could practice on. All in all the day was really fun and I took a lot of knowledge and excitement to take photos away from your class! Looking forward to taking another,  maybe an advanced one In the future! ~Katie


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