Workshop Wednesday!


Hello friends!!  I am excited to get back to our Workshop Wednesdays!  So far we have gone over ISO, SHUTTER SPEED and F-STOP.

Now it’s time to put all these elements together!  Doing this properly is what will give you that PERFECT PICTURE.  When I get to a photo shoot this is what I do.

  1. I analyze the setting.  What does my light look like?
  2. What is my subject? Lots of people? 1 person? Old or young?  This will determine my f-stop and depth of field.
  3. Once I have chosen my f-stop then I use my in camera meter to help me get the right shutter speed for that situation.  I also will take a few test shots, look at my screen to see what I need to adjust.  Am I too bright?  Is my photo to dark?   For me I  always like to shoot wide open, meaning I am choosing an F-stop with a low number.  This allows me to get the most light in as possible.   Of course you don’t have to do this!  That’s the beauty of any art form!  Do whatever you like best! 🙂


The ISO and Shutter Speeds balance each other out. This is what you need to remember!!  If I have a LOW ISO then I need to have a HIGH SHUTTER SPEED number.  If I have a HIGH ISO then I will need a LOW SHUTTER SPEED number.   They need to be opposite to get that PERFECT PICTURE!

exposure triangle

Okay so let’s put this to the test!  Are you photographing in a bright space with lots of light?  If so go for the low ISO and high SHUTTER SPEED.   Is the spot you’re photographing a low light situation?  If that is the case then go for a high ISO and a low SHUTTER SPEED.  Easy as that! 😉  Good luck!  Any questions leave them in the comment section!

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